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Di Dió K-9 Country Klub

Boarding and Grooming Services

"Your pet's home away from home!"

Di Dió K-9 Country Klub consists of 100 luxury indoor/outdoor suites. Separate kennels are especially designed for small, medium, and large dogs. All chain link fencing is 6 foot wire panels, with some isolation, to ensure you pet's comfort, safety, and security. Cleanliness is top priority and each suite is disinfected daily and kept spotless throughout the day.

Di Dió K-9 Country Klub is owned and operated by retired AKC Registered Handler, Bob Busby.

Di Dió has been serving the Mooresville - Lake Norman areas since 1987!

Welcome to Di Dió!

For the safety of your loved ones, we DO NOT intermingle dogs from different households.

Playtime is supervised, always.


Large Enclosed Play Yard

Individual, supervised play periods in yards surrounded by chain link fencing and wooded
stockade for your pet's security. Play periods are available for a small additional fee, so feel free to bring your pet's favorite toy!


Indoor/Outdoor Kennels

The entire facility is has Heat and A/C and is temperature-controlled. Fans provide a constant flow of fresh air. We feel through our years of experience in the kennel business that fresh air is the healthiest for your K-9 pal.


Over 100 Luxury Suites

Each pet has his own individual suite with a doorway to the outside patio, which is covered to protect them from the elements. Pets from the same family can share the same kennel if they promise not to argue.  

For Cats, every cat gets a spacious (3 foot by 4 foot) private condo with two carpeted benches. We provide all the necessities, including dry food. If there is a special diet, please feel free to bring it along. At DiDió, we feed all animals per the owners instructions.

For Birds and Exotic Pets, Di Dió also cares for all types of exotics, including birds!

- Please Call for Birds / Exotic Pets Boarding Pricing -

Grooming and Veterinarian Services


Professional Pet Grooming by Experts

Our grooming service Includes baths, nail trims, brushing, dips, conditioning rinses, and coat clippings! Available by appointment everyday!


Mobile Wellness Clinic with Dr. Kathy Knodel DVM

Equipt to handle all your pets' wellness needs. Vaccines, Heartworm Testing, Exams and more! All services can be administered while your dogs/cats are being boarded. No Office Charge!

Daily Boarding Prices

All prices are Daily
3 Day Minimum for All Holidays

25% Discount for
Multiple Pet Families!

0-35 lbs
K-9 Boarding

$ 30 /day

    35-70 lbs
    K-9 Boarding

    $ 32 /day

      70+ lbs
      K-9 Boarding

      $ 34 /day

        Feline Boarding

        $ 18.50 /day

          Arrivals at Di Dió

          Arrival Exam:

          All pets are closely examined on arrival. Anything unusual is brought to the attention of the owner. If fleas or ticks are found, your pet will be treated prior to entering the kennel or cattery. This is our way of ensuring that pets arriving without ticks or fleas stay that way. 

          Health Records:

          For the protection of your pet, we require all owners to provide proof of vaccination by a licensed veterinarian. Dogs must have received DHLP, Parvo, Rabies, and Kennel Cough vaccinations. Cats must have Distemper, Leukemia, and Rabies vaccinations.

          Special Diet:

          For health reasons, some pets require special diets. Please provide us with the prescribed diet plan and we will feed accordingly. Please bring only enough for your pet's stay. All food must be in a sealed container.


          If your friend is on medication, please bring it with you. All medications will be administered according to directions. (Sorry, oral medications only - no injectables.)

          Toys & Bedding:

          Feel free to bring your pet's favorite toy, treats, and/or bedding. All bedding must be washable. No comforters or carpets. Bath mats and beach towels work great. Please no crates as the sleeping area will not accommodate.

          A Few Client Testimonials

          Di Dio is proud and thankful for all of your support!

          Being a first time customer leaving 3 of the five pets with two being cats. It was nice to know they were in excellent hands. My dog Lucky was so relaxed when he came home and clean! He normally comes home so tired and hoarse when I have used another boarding facility. Bob and his staff did an excellent job at caring for all 3. I am definitely going to recommend them and it's such a great relief to know I now have an excellent source of care when they are needed. I also love the fact my mobile vet knows them and does mobile wellness clinics there. I have never picked up my pets and had everything returned so clean, they washed my dogs bed! It helps when you return home not to have more to do. This review comes from a pet owner who has had very very bad experiences with a few boarding facilities. Almost lost my chihuahua to severe dehydration, so I am very selective where I board all my pets. Thanks Bob! Also from from Lucky, Luke and Panther a big paws up. 

          We have been boarding my one and only pug Ali with Bob at Di Dio Country Club for almost eleven years. We started there because it was close by, reasonably priced and the fact that Bob had AKC training and experience. Bob and his crew did not disappoint!  My pug is an only pet, an inside dog, and we were a bit nervous leaving her with lots of other dogs even though they are boarded separately. However, Di Dio was very sensitive to that and spent extra time transitioning her into her roomy stall. They were very patient and informative with me when I checked on her a couple times that first trip too. Ali was well rested, and in good spirits when we returned! In fact, she has enjoyed many stays with Di Dio for holidays and lots of out of town travel with my kids sports. Each time we drop her off, she is happy to go with Bob and his crew and I never worry as she is in great hands with their facility, experience and on-site Dr. Ali also has a special diet and is on daily medicine in her golden years and Di Dio always follows my instructions and takes great care of her. We also usually schedule Ali to be groomed on pickup day and she always looks like a movie star pug when we pick her up! Other boarding or daycare places have popped up in Mooresville over the years, but we have intentionally stayed at Di Dio because of the reasons we first tried it, but most of all because they KNOW my Ali and she loves them! Thank you, Bob, for running a great operation that we can always count on!!

          I first discovered Didio in ​Mooresville, NC i​ n 1990 when I got my new boxer puppy, Reecie Cup. You know your pet loves Didio when they are so excited to be there and don't even look back at you as you leave them in great hands. We boarded Reecie Cup there frequently for over 8 years until she passed away in 1999. She was not only an amazing pet but a loyal member of our family. When I finally got ready for a new puppy, I asked Bob Busby (owner) to help me find a new boxer. He found my Roxy puppy in 2007, the first time I saw her I cried. She was and still is so beautiful, and such a great pet. She also loves to go see Bob, the staff and the puppy dogs every single time. I never feel concerned about boarding Roxy there because I know they will love her and take excellent care of her. They spoil her almost as much as I do. When I pick her up they always have her bathed and groomed beautifully. For me and my pets Didio is the only place I trust and would use to take the utmost care of my fur babies.

          Being a Foster Based Rescue with no facility can at times be difficult. When a dog is in dire immediate need and we do not have a foster open at that moment, we can always count on Bob at Di Dio K9 Country Club. Bob is always very gracious to open up a space for the furbaby until we get a Foster opened up.

          Bob has amazing credentials and is an expert dog handler and able to read and handle our sometimes scared and frightened dogs and makes them feel at ease. He gives us an AMAZING rate and is very gracious to help as often as needed.

          I recommend using Di Dios K9 Country Club for all your boarding and Grooming needs!tetur adipisicing elit. Excepturi, aspernatur, voluptatibus, atque, tempore molestiae.

          I got a large shepherd mix from the pound who has super long nails due to being an outside dog in his old home. he has had his nails done multiple times and noone has ever gotten them short since they are black nails. well today we tried di-dio and they were amazing. marmaduke loved them and his nails look like a normal dog for once. so happy I will definitely be coming back


          Contact Di Dió K-9 Country Klub

          Monday-Friday - 8AM - 5PM (check in by 3PM)
          Saturday - 9AM - 4PM (check in by 12 PM)
          Sunday CLOSED - (pickup only between 4PM - 6PM)
          Holidays CLOSED
          Early Dropoffs and Late Pickups by APPOINTMENT ONLY

          Phone: (704) 663-0472
          Fax: (704) 664-7616

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